21309 Breaks and Counting...


First and Foremost!!!

 These breaks are meant to be fun and give you a chance to get a high valued card at a fraction of the price. 

 With that being said here are the rules we all play by. By making a purchase through this website you agree to abide by these rules and the decisions rendered by following them. 

  1. Products and Procedures

    1. We do ALL breaks LIVE. It doesn't get any better than that!
    2. All breaks are also recorded and posted on YouTube and Ustream for review at any time
    3. The breaks will start @ 10pm EST when all spots have been SOLD OUT. All times are subject to change without notice.
    4. All boxes are in hand unless otherwise stated. No waiting!
    5. Ultimate Box Breaks always uses a backup camera that will record the live breaks. This camera is solely for the purpose if the Live Internet Stream goes down due to uncontrollable circumstances (i.e. Cox Cable goes down, inclement weather etc.) This camera is for your protection! Video available upon request.

  1. Purchasing a Random Draft Pick- Updated 1/6/21 - UltimateBoxBreaks.com now has the ability to remove teams from breaks! Teams removed from a break will be listed inside the View Info/Purchase Break button on the break listed. The removed teams will be combined with the lowest draft picks in the break which will be stated in the product/break information.

  2. This is the new and improved Ultimateboxbreaks.com. When you purchase into a NFL, NBA, or MLB break, you are now given a random draft pick that you use to select a team. Everyone has a fair shot at the big teams because we will determine the draft order by random. Here are the simple steps explaining the process.

    1. Purchase a Spot ( You must be registered on the site to purchase)
    2.  Customize your draft preferences.  By clicking your user name in the top right of the screen, you will see a white boxes that have different years (i.e. 2018, 2019, 2020, and Multi-Year Preferences). After you drag and drop ONE team in your draft preference, its now in your control. UltimateBoxBreaks has the newest box breaking technology so that if I list a 2018 box of cards and you buy a spot, it will automatically apply your 2018 draft preferences for that box of cards. If I list a 2019 Box of Cards directly after the 2018, it will automatically apply your 2019 draft preferences! The Multi-Year draft preference will be used for any "Mixer" or Ultimate 8, meaning any break that includes multiple years of products. 
    3. NOTE: If you purchase a spot and do not activate your team draft preferences, no need to worry, you'll be drafting teams based on the Ultimate Box Breaks default draft order. Once you activate your draft preferences, your custom draft order will always be applied to each break you purchase into. 
    4. When all spots fill for the break, the live draft starts immediately! You will then be randomized a draft pick which you will use to select a team based on your team draft preferences. (It will automatically select the team of your highest choice if available at the time of your pick) Note: If you cannot attend the live automated draft, your team draft preferences will automatically select teams for you as stated above in 2)
    5. Now we break the box for you! Live Breaks start @ 10pm EST unless otherwise stated.
    6. To watch the break, click "Live Break" in the header of the website, you can tune in live to watch the breaks. The rosters for each break are displayed on the Live Break page of the website. I will print out a copy of the roster and show it live before each box.
    7.  Still having trouble? Email me bryan@ultimateboxbreaks.com

  3. UBB Rewards-NEW!

    1. What are UBB Rewards? Each spot you purchase into the break will award you UBB Reward points based on your draft position after the randomization has taken place. The higher the draft pick you have , the lower rewards points that you will obtain. The lower the draft position you have, the higher the rewards points you will receive. The goal of UBB Rewards is to give back to the UBB community and thank you for your continued support! 
      The number of total points per break will be determined by the cost of the break. The higher the cost, the more points and vice versa.
    2. How to redeem points- When you go to purchase a personal break or a spot in a box break, it will show you your rewards points balance and how much it costs for a spot/personal break. When you have enough points for a personal break or break spot, it will allow you to redeem. Example: 2022 Chronicles Draft Random Team Break, purchase price $30 or 35,000 Rewards Points
    3. What can I redeem points for? Personal Breaks & Spots in a box break!
    4. You can see your rewards history inside you Activity History drop down menu when you click your name in the top right of the screen.
    5. Rewards are assigned at the time of the draft. 

Site Rules

  1. Multi-Player Cards

    1. Dual or Triple Player Cards 
      1. A multiplayer card will go the team on the top of the card. 
      2. If the players are listed left to right, it’s the team on the left.
    2. Quad or Higher Player Cards 
      1. It will go to the team on the top left or on the top of the card. If the card is front and back, it will be the top or top left player on the front of the card.
  2. Hierarchy of Cards

    1. Cards will go to the team name printed on the card. 
    2. If multiple teams are listed for the same player (Ex: Michael Vick Falcons/Eagles card), we will use the jersey the player appears in that respected placement (top, and or left). 
    3. If the player is retired, we will first use the team printed on the card, and/or the jersey they are wearing. 
    4. If they are shown in their college uniform or no uniform at all, we will use their current team. If they are retired, we will use the team the player had the longest tenure with. If the player is a active free agent, we will use the most recent team they played for. (UPDATED 1/6/21) 
    5. According to the collegiate rules, all coaches, GMs, owners or any other off-field personnel will be awarded to their professional team with the longest tenure.
    6. If a coach or player has never been a part of a professional team, the card will be randomized off to the participants in the break.
    7. If we encounter an issue where the team is no longer in existence and it is not listed in the rulings below first, then we will use the team that currently resides in that city. If that is not available, we will link the team to the franchise in another city, and if that is not available we will use the last team they played for or random.org. Updated: 09/18/2012:
      • Los Angeles Rams = St. Louis Rams
      • Los Angeles Raiders = Raiders
      • Baltimore Colts = Indianapolis Colts
      • Houston Oilers = Tennessee Titans
      • Chicago/St. Louis Cardinals = Arizona Cardinals
      • Canton Bulldogs = Cleveland Browns
      •  Any other one off situations if the team does not exist (other than the ones listed above) will be given to the current team that resides closest (mileage wise) to that team on the cards city (e.g. Canton Bulldogs = Cleveland Browns). 


  1. Free Domestic Shipping is included. UltimateBoxBreaks does NOT ship international.
  2. We ship USPS priority with careful packaging. Bubble Mailers or 200lb Crush proof boxes depending on the size of the package, New Supplies (sleeve & Toploader) and there will never be tape on the cases! These cards can go directly into your collection!
  3. If you would like to purchase insurance or have a special delivery request, please contact me immediately. I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes or lost packages by USPS.
  4. Your tracking information will be sent to the email address you signed up with on UltimateBoxBreaks.com


    1. No refunds for any reason; there is a chance that your team will not receive any cards from the break you purchase in to. The more teams you buy the better chance you have of getting a hit! However, will the ever growing popularity of base cards, they will be shipped unless specifically stated inside of the break description. If you want the base cards in a break that specifically states there are no base cards, do NOT purchase into that break.
    2. Upon making a purchase you are acknowledging that you have read and understand these rules, terms and conditions, FAQ. 
    3. Please DO NOT purchase if you do not agree with or do not understand the site terms. Site Terms are subject to change at any time without notice.
    4. No International buyers at this time. 
    5. Please E-Mail Me if you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL and Please read the FAQ
    6. Information on our social media sites, front page and product descriptions may be inaccurate due to how fast breaks sell or from human error. Please read the break description you are buying into and please DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND anything about the break. You must contact me first by emailing me Bryan@ultimateboxbreaks.com

1. I've never participated in a box break, where do I start?

 Welcome, you've come to the right place! UBB has been breaking since 2011! Ultimate Box Breaks has the newest technology in the breaking industry!! Please read the General Rules & Guidelines of the site! 

2. Wait...what is a box break?

 Fantastic question! A box break is a group of sports card enthusiasts each buying a portion of a unopened box of sports cards. Now that you've all bought a portion of the box its time to split up the teams. Then the box is opened live for you on camera! If you have the Colts in the break you purchased into, any Colts hits (auto, jersey, relic, 1/1, or other SP cards specifically stated in the individual box break description) pulled out of the box are sent out to you!

3. Why wouldn't I go out and buy my own box of cards?

 You absolutely can do that and plenty of people do! But you have to remember that boxes are expensive now a days!! An average box is in the $300-500 range. Plus your card stores can't compete with online prices because of their overhead costs. And what if your card store sells out of that product?! Then you have to wait to order it or buy it online, pay shipping, etc. 

 Now when it comes to the high-end products that cost $2000-$10000 a box, not very many of us can shell out that kind of money to take a risk of getting "skunked" on a box. That's another advantage of doing box breaks. The site gives you access to super high end products at only a fraction of the price! Yes you have a smaller percentage chance of hitting a card but that's what you pay for. We've seen 1 spot produce some of the biggest hits! And if the box didn't have a decent hit in it, you'll be saying "man am I glad I didn't shell out $5000 for that box" 

4. Do I need to be a member or register to participate in box breaks on UltimateBoxBreaks.com

Yes! Please fill out the application! We'll review and get back to you soon!

1. Where can I watch the live breaks?
Right here on the website or you can view directly through Twitch right here! The best way to communicate with others is in the chat that is integrated onto the live break page.

2. What if I miss the live break?
The full break video will be saved immediately on Twitch after the broadcast is done. This is the FULL video, you'll have to sift through the video to find your exact break. The videos will be cut, uploaded, and labeled by name on YouTube as soon as possible. Usually I can knock it out that night but it all depends on how late we go.

3. New chat feature
You are only able to chat through the UltimateBoxBreaks.com chat room. You must be logged in to your UBB account to do so. 
What are the average shipping times to receive my cards?

I'm shipping every Monday/Tuesday. So all the breaks during the week will go out at once. Being able to combine breaks allows me to continue with Free Shipping!!! If you're worried about getting the card to put on ebay to sell, scans are available, just shoot me an email request bryan@ultimateboxbreaks.com! Please keep in mind that inclement weather and government holidays can delay shipping. 

 An Email notification of shipment will be sent to your email address that you used to sign up for on UBB. Please check your spam folder. 

 Note: If you're planning on selling a card you just hit in the break before you received it, please make sure to contact me to add insurance or signature confirmation to the package. Those extra fees will be invoiced to you 

 I haven't received my cards yet, where are they?!

Please Note that USPS is experiencing the highest volume in history due to the pandemic. Once the package leaves my office, I have ZERO control over what USPS does and how they transport your mailday. Sending me emails asking if there is anything I can do will not speed up the process nor will I have an answer. You will have to contact the USPS customer service line to get more information.

 This question has a couple different parts to it. 

 1) Check the tracking number. You can find this inside your email that you used to sign up for UltimateBoxBreaks.com. Please remember, if you change addresses, please update the address inside your UltimateBoxBreaks.com profile. 

 2) Another common issue with shipping is that the USPS is SLOW, especially in the Winter so please give it a chance to get to your residence before gettin' all antsy in your pantsy! Remember, check the tracking number please. The tracking notification may be in your spam folder. 

 3) Have you checked the newsline at the bottom of the screen? Sometimes things come up where I'm going to be out of town or at a special event for the website that would delay shipping. This doesnt happen very often but when it does, I'll have it in the newsline! 

 4) Ok so we've exhausted all other options and still no package. This is rare but this is what I need from you. Please send an email to bryan@ultimateboxbreaks.com with the following info: A) The exact date and exact breaks you were in (example: Wed 1/8/14, Triple Threads Box 65) B) email address you used to make the purchase C) The exact cards you are missing D) Your Username on UltimateBoxBreaks 

As you can see, the UBB got a facelift! This was a massive financial decision to create a new website that runs smoothly. I will be adding back and introducing new features to the website over the course of 2021. Thanks for your understanding!
Finally the iPhone and Android app are available! Select the sports you're interested in and the app will alert you when a new box goes on sale!! 
Or you can look a the front page of the website with the countdown clock
What are team draft preferences?

 Team draft preferences are the order in which you would like your teams drafted for a box break. This is brand new on the site and a great feature that no other site has! We are no longer randomizing a team to you, we are randomizing a draft pick. 

What if I purchase a spot and do not activate my team draft preferences?

 If you purchase a spot and do not activate your team draft preferences, no need to worry, you'll be drafting teams based on the Ultimate Box Breaks default draft order. Once you activate your draft preferences, your custom draft order will always be applied to each break you purchase into. 

Due to the absolutely ridiculous turn around times of PSA and BGS, for the time being I will not be doing any submissions.