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What’s a spot? Each spot you buy secures you a pick in the draft, and gets you the right to receive all cards for your drafted team out of the box. The draft order is based on a random order using random.org, and the teams you get out of the box are based on the preferences you set up in your member profile. Get in the action by purchasing spots below and then follow the instructions to draft your favorite teams!

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SPECIAL- 2018 Absolute Football 10 Box MASTER Case Break + Panini Kickoff Pack Per Team


IMPORTANT: Set your 2018 Draft Preferences! IF YOU HAVENT CLICKED THE BLUE ACTIVATE BUTTON IN YOUR 2018 DRAFT PREFERENCES, it will be automatically set to my suggested draft order.

Each spot you purchase grants ONE random team draft pick for the 10 box case break of 2018 Absolute Football. Only the hits will be shipped (Auto, Mem, Serial #'d)

Guaranteed 2018 Panini NFL Kickoff Pack Per TEAM!!

When all spots fill for the break, the randomization will automatically start to determine the draft order.

Configuration: 3 packs per box. 5 cards per pack. 10 Boxes Per Case

- Absolute returns for the 2018 NFL season! Find a 190-card base set that combines a mixture of veterans and the newest rookies who look to make their stamp on the NFL!
- Look for Tools of the Trade, one of Absolute’s most popular sets! Included are multi-swatch cards, featuring double-,quad-,-five-,piece swatches of various NFL materials!
- Find Head to Toe memorabilia inserts that use helmet and shoe swatches. Look for a variety of NFL players to chase, including stars from Ezekiel Elliott to Alvin Kamara!
- Every box delivers 3 autos, 2 mem on average. One autograph will be a Rookie Premiere Material Autograph. Find special variations of these cards that feature 4 & 5 player-used NFL material pieces.
- Find one of Absolute’s most collectible sets Canton Absolutes! Included are some of the NFL’s greatest to ever play like Joe Namath & Jerry Rice. Chase down these memorabilia cards and get your own piece of NFL history!

- 1 Rookie Premiere Material Auto
- 2 Mem
- 2 Additional Autos

UBB Rewards points are assigned at the time of the draft!
To learn more about UBB Rewards, please visit https://www.ultimateboxbreaks.com/about/rewards

If you do not understand how UltimateBoxBreaks is ran, please read "How It Works and FAQ". If you still have questions, please contact me bryan@ultimateboxbreaks.com before purchasing.

IMPORTANT: Rewards points will not transfer when you trade teams. You are only trading for the team, not the points associated with the draft pick.
All trading by clients of the site is 100% your responsibility. Any misuse of trading or the trading board is subject to removal without notice. Trade fair and responsibly.

All break times are subject to change.

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